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Parabase Genomics’ is committed to improving neonatal care through the development of early diagnostics for actionable inherited disorders. The company’s NewbornDx Tests™ are designed to be rapid and less invasive, using dried blood spots, and incorporate the most damaging disorders. Physicians can now make precise treatment decisions based on an individual’s molecular profile rather than severe symptomology. NewbornDx will assist neonatologists to make prompt and informed decisions while the patient is still in the hospital by matching them to the best treatment and clinical trial options. 

The company’s advisors are world leaders in newborn medicine, genomic technologies and informatics.  

Leadership Team

G. Hamilton Mehlman

Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors

Mr. Mehlman has worked in the life sciences field since 1985 through medical school, operational positions, institutional investing and strategic consulting.  Since 1996, Mr. Mehlman has specialized in investing in public and private life science related companies.  He initially managed the Essex Investment Management Global Life Science Fund and subsequently through his own company, Andesite, Inc. He brings a depth of experience in medical diagnostics, most recently through an investment in a non-invasive prenatal testing company. 

Mr. Mehlman holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Andy (Arindam) Bhattacharjee

President, Chief Scientific Officer, Founder
Board of Directors

Andy's early work at Agilent Technologies inspired him to develop and apply targeted next generation sequencing technologies in medical genetics. For this venture, he is aiming to advance the technology to newborn diagnostic testing and eventually the screening market.

Andy holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota and a Masters degree in Genetics and Statistics from the University of Saskatchewan. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School.

Gabor Bethlendy

Chief Commercial Officer, Founder

Gabor brings over 20 years of expertise from both academia and industry in the areas of genomics, sales, and strategic business development. He has always been involved in building labs and businesses from the ground up with novel technologies. Gabor has a proven track record of success with premier companies in the microarray, targeted sequencing, and diagnostic spaces, including Agilent Technologies, NimbleGen, and Roche Diagnostics.

Gabor holds a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Rochester and a Masters degree from Syracuse University.

Tanya Sokolsky

Director of R&D and Laboratory Operations

Tanya brings over 12 years of proven leadership and development experience in whole genome and targeted resequencing to the creation of workflows and products that meet the specific needs of the newborn diagnostics market.  While at Applied Biosystems and Life Technologies she drove novel solutions from idea to launch for three NGS platforms.

Tanya earned her PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Cornell University.  Her post-doctoral work was performed at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Directors and Advisors

Edwin Naylor, Ph.D., MPH

External Board of Directors

Dr. Naylor is a recognized expert in the field of Newborn Screening for nearly four decades. He trained in the laboratory of Robert Guthrie, who pioneered Newborn Screening worldwide. In 1994 Dr. Naylor founded a private newborn screening and research laboratory (NeoGen Screening, Inc) that carried out Newborn Screening for all newborns in the District of Columbia, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania; and was the first to introduce tandem mass spectrometry and primary DNA screening as a routine newborn screens. The company was also a major developer of second-tier DNA confirmation on dried blood specimens. The laboratory was sold in 2003 to Pediatric Medical Group and later resold to Perkin Elmer. Dr. Naylor is actively involved in consulting and research including with Parabase Genomics. Dr. Naylor has a M.P.H from University of Pittsburg in Human and Population Genetics, a Ph.D from University of Utah in Genetics and undergraduate degree from Middlebury College in Biology and Chemistry.

Dietrich A. Stephan, PhD.

External Board of Directors

Dr. Stephan is a geneticist, entrepreneur and recognized leader in the field of personalized medicine. He is on the Board of Directors of several organizations, including the Personalized Medicine Coalition, and continues to found biotechnology companies, including Silicon Valley Biosystems (SV Bio), Aueon, Amnestix, and DiaVacs. Dr. Stephan has published over 140 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Boards of many companies. Among numerous honors and awards, Dr. Stephan has won the Bio-IT World Grand Prize for Discovery Research in 2005, and the "Most Influential in Bringing Genomics to the Clinic" award at the Consumer Genetic Conference in 2010. In 2006, Dr. Stephan founded Navigenics, Inc., a pioneering consumer genomics company, and later served as the company's Chief Science Officer. Prior to that, he served as part of the leadership team of the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), building it into one of the largest free-standing research institutes in the world. His roles at the Institute were Chairman of the Neurogenomics Department, Professor within the Institute, and Deputy Director for Discovery Research of the Institute overall. Dr. Stephan also served as Chairman of the NIH Neuroscience Microarray Consortium for seven years. He was Executive Director of the Gene Partnership at Harvard Medical School and Children's Hospital Boston, where he architected and capitalized a groundbreaking genomic medicine pediatric program, as well as a genomic cancer program at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Stephan brought next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) to these clinical settings, with associated clinical decision support and sustainable business processes. Dr. Stephan earned a B.Sc. in biology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, where he was a 2012 “Legacy Laureate”.

Danny Yeung

External Board of Directors

Danny Yeung, a true serial entrepreneur has started and exited from 3 different companies in 3 different industries. Danny, now on to his 4th and 5th ventures with Prenetics, a biotech company focused on making DNA testing available to the mass market. Danny also started SXE Ventures, a early stage venture capital firm and has invested in 12 different technology and healthcare related companies in the past 9 months.  

Previously, Danny had founded uBuyiBuy in 2010 which was subsequently acquired by Groupon. Prior to Danny leaving Groupon in early 2014, Danny served as CEO of Groupon East Asia, having scaled the business to a size of over USD $130m annually. Danny’s entrepreneurial journey started at the age of 25 when he ventured into franchising Hong Kong award-winning dessert chain Hui Lau Shan into USA. After Hui Lau Shan, Danny successfully ventured into hospitality furniture and executed multi-million dollar projects with MGM City Center, City of Dreams Macau and Venetian. Danny received his BS in MIS from the University of San Francisco.  

Richard Parad, MD, MPH

Scientific Advisory Board

He is a practicing Neonatologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. He is interested in translational molecular genetics (genotype-phenotype relationships and screening) and clinical research (particularly with regard to respiratory diseases in newborns, including CLD and CF), with a goal to optimize early detection, treatment and outcome of disease.

Clinical Team

Julie A. Rousseau, MS, CGC

Director, Clinical and Client Services

Ms. Rousseau has worked in clinical genetics for over 10 years, in both direct patient care and laboratory services. Ms. Rousseau was a clinical genetic counselor with a primary focus of inpatient and outpatient pediatrics at Baystate Medical Center, University of California at Davis Medical Center, and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. In all of these positions, she saw patients with diverse phenotypes, assisting families in navigating the diagnostic odyssey and in the selection and interpretation of genetic tests. In 2011, Ms. Rousseau moved into the laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital where she was involved in the development and interpretation of that lab’s first next-generation sequencing tests. When the lab transitioned to Claritas Genomics, Ms. Rousseau took on the role of Director of Clinical Client Services, developing the genetic counseling and client services teams, and playing a key role in the definition of the clinical contribution to product development and of the requirements and implementation of software used to support the process of sequence variant interpretation.

Ms. Rousseau has a Master’s degree in Human Genetics from Sarah Lawrence College and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College. She is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Evan Mauceli, Ph.D.

Director, Clinical and Laboratory Informatics

Dr. Mauceli has been working in genomics since 2001 when he joined David Jaffe's genome assembly group at what would eventually become the Broad Institute. He was an author multiple software packages, including; the Arachne software package that produced the first mammalian whole-genome, the computational pipeline used to identify functional genomic variation in mouse models of human, a novel copy-number detection algorithm used to identify a major risk factor for a canine model of human periodic fever syndromes. Dr. Mauceli has held analytic leadership positions at Boston Children's Hospital, Claritas Genomics.

Dr. Mauceli earned his PhD in Experimental General Relativity from Louisiana State University and has performed post-doctoral work at the INFN in Frascati, Italy and at the LIGO gravitational wave experiment operated by Caltech and MIT.